Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Introduction to linkbuilding

Every link, coming in from other sites, increases Your site's rating. This post is not how and where to get inbound links. 

What is quality link?
  • Your page is linked via anchor text, not just url
  • Page and/or domain, what is linking to You, has PR>3
  • Page, linking to You, has same keywords that Your page, relevancy
In general, more backlinks You got, better.

Anchor text
If the link is built using relevant anchor text, like excellent SEO site, then searh engine will find . Posting just Your hopmage url http://seoapplied.blogspot.com/ may give the backlink, but search engines are not going to value it much.

Donor's PR
Google PageRank is complex mathematical model

Image from Wikipedia

Shortly, when high-PR sites link to Your page, Your pages PR will increase. Having lot of links from PR=0 pages, doesn't increase it. Having links from black-listed sites may hurt Your page's rank.

Link age
Search engines value old links, but also link popularity trend. So, If Your page is getting more and more links, it should be quality site.