Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fast, faster and fastest

When I started blogging less than a month ago, I also set up SEO measurement table. Among other parameters I started to write down each day following parameters:

GBL - Google backlinks
YBL - Yahoo backlinks
MBL - MSN/Live backlinks

About a week nothing happened. Then, on the eight day Yahoo indexed first backlink and some pages. Day later MSN found backlink. At last, 19 days after setting up this site, Google indexed first backlink. During that time, Yahoo and MSN had indexed already 200+ and 400+ backlinks.

This test shows once again, that Google is extreamly picky about backlinks. Mostly my URL is in social networks, blog profiles etc. Practically no fixed anchor-text links on proper pages. Google is picky, 3 weeks later I have only 6 backlinks by Google, more than 50 times less than from other search sites.