Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Accessorize me, Baby!

Hello Lovely ladies..
I hope everyone is having a nice week. Mine was (Read: WAS) good when I went out to see 'Mere Brother Ki dulhan' .. yeaaa I told I'm about to see 'FWB' but change of plans.. The day turned out to be great though :)

My bf says I think a lot and that too, faster than I speak.. But I like to keep myself engrossed if Im not doing anything.. even if it is thinking about what to wear tomorrow!
Prove him wrong ladies.. Ain't you doing this too? :D

Well, here are snaps of accessories that I proudly own B) hahaha

Love Love Love the sexy cuff from Forever 21

Chunky cuff- Fashion and you

      Wine comb- Fashion and you :D

Necklace with rose broach- Again from Fashion and you 

Butterfly Necklace- Forever 21 ~ My fav!

Silver Prong- An Ace- Fashion and you

Ginger, Lifestyle

                  Lip Gloss-

<---- That big red thing is a ring, btw :P
Ginger, Lifestyle

I have a thing for big and flashy things.. oh yes, Floral too :D ..
How about you?
You prefer solid colors or one having petals or color pallette :P

Keep smiling and take care :)
Next post would be My birthday.. Happy belated birthday to me :D