Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~ 10 Things Girls absolutely Love ~

Well don't go by the title.. There could be more to the list ;)

Hi Lovelies,
Today I'm just relaxing cos yeyy to me, I got placed! Cheers!! So just fun post today.
I have collected 10 beautiful things we girls ADORE in our life; or you can say, NEED .*evil laugh*

Who here knows about a fabulous site called Pinterest Well for start, it is a place where you can Add/Share/Observe all the goodie-goodie things in life. I'm amazed by the fact that not many people know about it (at least in my friend circle). I have also included my favorite shopping destination- Forever 21's findings.

So without further ado, let me start by the 10th thing (random order)

10. Interiors
Girls go "WowwwwwW" when they see a beautiful home and I bet every girl becomes an interior designer in her mind, collecting random glories of around the world. Well, the following pictures had the same effect on me!


9. Beautiful places aka Greenery and Snow and Flowers and Leaves. (Pardon me for my bad grammar :D haha)

I would love to just lie down on green grass with flowers and butterflies all around me. Reading my favorite book OR with a loved one. Just talk endlessly about Us and have nothing to do. Away from pollution, non-sense. people,.. literally in your own sweet world. Know of any place? :D


8. Nails
Yes! Nails! To each our own ;) We love to decorate them, they are like our canvas of mind/heart. A dash of color here or just one, metallic or neon, velvet or matte, crystals or no crystals we love them!

Random collection

7. Fooooooooood
We may like to have a perfect 0.7 ratio or we might like our flabs to be well, flabs! We may like to be size zero or we say we have a thing for curves. We Love Food!
yum-yum :D - Pinterest

6. S for Skirt!
S for short, S for skimpy, S for sweet, S for sexy.. Be it any length, any color, any material. We Love our Skirts!

Forever 21

5. || Sexy-Back||
No points for guessing this one. We have not one but tons of dresses in many shape, sizes, color, fabric. We put our heart and soul in finding that perfect one for us and Nopes.. for our next shopping spree we don't forget the old ones. We even dig up our mom's closet and wear her's if we feel short of dresses ( which is not true :P)

Zara and  Forever 21

4. Accessories, oh yeah! Glittery and Fun!
You will see every girl wearing one! Big, small, animals, flowers, simple, Loud: Anything, We Love to glam up ourselves. "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it B=)"
No outfit is complete without it. You can look gorgeous but the wrong or right accessory can make or break the deal. 

Forever 21 and Pinterest

3. Drooling Heels <>
Now don't make me start on this one. On the shor... umm no tall of it :P They depict our personality, don't they? <3

Pinterest and Jimmy Choo

2. Make-me-up- Makeup!
Natural or All glam, Nude makeup or Boho.. We chicks rock the thing we love most about ourselves- Our Eyes.. Smizing anyone?


1. Last but not the least- Tresses
Our Pride, our lovely locks.. No matter what we do to them, they never ditch us. Though some of us may encounter the occasional 'Bad hair day' but they still manage to make everyone jealous of their prettiness.. Don't they? Here are some beautiful hairstyles which would surely make heads turn!


So, tell me? How many of you do/ had all the 10 things in mind the day you were born?
If you have more things to share then do comment :)

The above pictures are taken from Pinterest, Forever 21, Zara and a personal collection. They are not meant to offend anyone. Peace \m/

Thanks for visiting :)
Take care.. <3