Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Buy it for less, fashion rush style.

American Apparel 3-D jumper
This beautiful jumper costs £75, which is a ridiculous price for someone with a budget like me.
I found an amazing replica on eBay for so much less. Received it in the post yesterday and its gorgeous. Buy it on eBay here. They have it in pink, white and black. I got the white one!

Moschino Belt
Don’t know about you guys, but I have been lusting over this amazing belt for ages now.
But it’s so so expensive, even on eBay they sell for over £50, which for a belt i think is ridiculous.
I somehow stumbled across this website called ‘Ioffer’ which sells designer replicas really cheap!
I purchased this belt the other day and I cant wait for it to arrive! Click here to get one of these fantastic belts for just over £20!

Ysl ‘Arty’ ring
This ring is so beautiful and it seems like everyone has it at the moment. However the price is ridiculous, but of course it is ysl and it will cost that much. But, if you don’t have that sort of cash to spend here is an amazing alternative which will only cost you £1.87 bargain! Click here to get your hands of these beauties!

Alexander Wang ‘Rocco’ Studded Bag
Of course my list wouldn’t be complete without the wonderful Rocco bag. This bag is amazing. However I do not own one yet, due to like £0.123 in my bank. Ebay sell these bags for £20 and they look identical. Buy one here (the cheapest one i could find, tell me if you find a cheaper one!)

Hope you liked this little budget item list and hope it helped, tell me if you would like another one!

Lots of love,
Tigerlilly xoxo