Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BlacK and BraiD

Hi lovelies...
I really wanted you to see this post as

A- I went to WOW- World of Wonder, GIP with Mr.A .. After I guess an eternity.. Yes WOW was opened around 5-6 years ago and only a while back I went with him. Well might I say, better Late than Never?

B- I Fish-braid my hair and wore it out for the first time! :D

C- because I had promised you to show my Tribal NailArt
So here it begins...

WOW is basically breathtaking experience. There are around 10-11 rides and obviously I couldn't take all.. No not because they cost me Diamonds (actually they don't)  but cos some were better to be watched at from a distance. Yes, I got my eyes and ears shut while people were screaming hanging upside-down. I'm not usually this scared but the sight, well what sight when your feet is up and your food.. Don't even get me starting there :P Never mind,

So without further ado here are the pictures. Hope you like them :)

Tunic- Ginger, Lifestyle
Tights- Miss Jo
Bellies- Thrifted
Ring- BG's
Bag- Stush

Next is my NailArt.. Take a look

you have seen this picture here

NailArt Details: Lakme and Avon

P.S. I am facing problem in opening blogs made on I promise you once the problem is rectified I will visit each of your pages and thank you personally :)

Love you all..