Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Polka Nails

Hey sweeties
My exams are going on, Mr. A's Birthday is coming up and I have a wedding to attend. Y in the yeyyyy's increase :D

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This is a quick post on another addition to my Nail Art Gallery! (wow) :D
So here it is
You would be needing
- Many shades of nail colors
- All pins of different sizes
- A pencil having eraser on top. Fix the All pin very carefully onto the eraser. Do not insert it too far!

1) Base coat- any shade! I used Avon's Pink

  2) Dip the all pin's head into black. Press it against nail completely. Make random dots :)

3) Now take another All pin's head (preferably a smaller head) , dip into another color and make random dots. I chose Darker pink <3

4) Similarly, take a new Head (any size), and dip it into a new color. I chose green. Make random dots :)

 Here is the result :)

Isn't it all girly? D: That's how we like it!

- Insert the pin very very carefully and slowly. You don't want to hurt your hand :(
- Wear a transparent coat before starting and at the end :)

Have fun using your own set of colors and shades. 
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Thank you

Will be back soon. Until then