Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sequins In Sequence

Hey Beauties,
I hope you had an amazing weekend.
I wanted to share The One thing I am craziest about this fall- SEQUINS! Love them, Can Live in them ;)
They are available in dresses, skirts, leggings, shorts, blazers, accessories, heels.. phew.. Don’t you want to just throw a dash of glitter in your simple outfit? Let me tell you, it doesn’t give a very bold perception nor of a decorated tree. A well placed sequin never gets you down, but lets others turn heads!

Oh! How I love Silver. It is so umm.. Silver :P
Let us take a look on how our ladies have put themselves up with the glitter!

Don’t they look just gorgeous? You can mix sequins with bright blouses like Shantel, wear stripes for a casual day- like Blake or if you are feeling too dull and don’t want to carry the load of an outfit then do carry a bag ;) like Beyonce

Ahh.. Black never disappoints me. See. Isn’t it just The gorgeous color? Heyy.. it makes you look sllimmer:P

Yes I love Blake Lively :D . She has teamed a sequin skirt with a casual shirt, Brown belt and those lovely shoes!Chic I say.Wear it like Lauren, sexy cut. Sequin leggings with Fab cut blazer, way to go Jessica!

If it ain’t on heels, it ain’t better!

You can read the rest of the article On Chic Factor Gazette. I am guest Author there :)

Now, Here is my First Sequin Jacket! A Fabulous addition to my closet is what I think. What do you think?

Sequin Jacket: Muah: Tana Bana

If you are wondering where you saw this jacket, let me remind you, she is my Ultimate Fashion Inspiration ~ Blake Lively

Serena in Gossip Girl, Season 4, Episode 1

I wanted to tell you something.. Today is my 7th mensiversary! <3 I love you so much sweetheart. Thanks for being their with me, for me! :)

Happy Styling Ladies