Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Spirit: Nail Art DIY

Hello Sweeties
I hope everyone is excited about christmas. You can see my excitement by my nail art, today :)

This may look difficult at first.. But it's not :)
I'll show you how to make christmas nails; keeping in mind the wonderful feeling about crhistmas and the things associated with it- Snowman, christmas tree, snow flakes, candy canes and glitter :)

So let's get started:
You will need~ An All pin, nail paints and a thin old brush!

Left to right: Lakme top coat, Lakme 251, Thrifted Majenta color, Nail enamel white, Avon frosty blue, Avon Pink fatasy, Black Alpha, New You golden glitter

1) Apply protective base coat, i used the top coat only.
2) Apply different colors to your nails.. I used majenta, Pink, light pink and blue :)

Let the nails dry on their own!

3) Next start with the thumb and apply glitter on half or full nail.
4) Candy cane- Apply thin stripes of white nail paint diagonally with a thin brush. To make sure that the lines are straight, tilt  your nail opposite the motion of your brush. 
P.S. my white turned pink cos it was new and a little watery!

5) Snowman- shake your white well and just when a drop of the paint is about to fall, bring it to the nail.. do the same for other dot as well.. Make sure to make a smaller head and bigger body.. spread the paint evenly without touching the base of the nail.. Just use an all pin at the top of the white coat.. Let it dry!

Till then you can proceed to other nails..
To finish the snow man.. I used the tip of the all pin.. Took lots of black paint on its base so that the tip gets thicker. Now I put buttons and eyes.. By using a paint brush I put a smile, hat and scarf :)

6) Candy sweet stick- Using a thin paint brush.. make a straight line.. Then from the top, make a curved line.. Let it dry.. Meanwhile proceed to other nails
Now, make thin white stripes using all pin tip

7) Snow Flakes- Use the top of all pin..Immerse it in white paint and press it hard on your nails.. Make 2-3 dots.. Next, using the tip of the all pin or a paint brush.. Make lines extending outwards the nails.. 
Complete the flakes by making dots on each of the extension :)

AND HERE IS THE RESULT! I have applied glitter on some nails :D


End Date: 03-01-2012

I'd really appreciate your participation and promise to visit each blog :)

Thank you

Until then
Happy Christmas week :)