Sunday, December 11, 2011

Long Drive and Birthdays

Hey Gorgeous ladies,
Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

As promised, this is an outfit post, 2 parts.
On a close friend's Birthday, we went for a long drive in outskirts of Delhi. The breath of fresh air, the sun touching the skin in winters, great company, delicious food, soothing music: what else do we need for a fabulous day?
This is what I wore :)

I love this picture :D

A fun pic: Bought Masks too.hehe

Sequin Jacket- Tana Bana, Muah: here
Boots- Metro: here
Tank top: Thrifted
Tights- Miss Jo: Have worn 2 of them: Black opaque over Red sheer
Leopard Headband- New U

Today was my Best Friend's Birthday too.. Happy Birthdayy :D. We went to Cocoa by Belgique, Pacific Mall. Had a great time with my girls after such a strenuous month! Girl's day out is always fun, don't you think? I wore the same outfit but a with a casual touch - A sweater from Lakshita

Falafel with hummus and some chicken dish- I'm a Veggie :D

So which look do you prefer? Both?

I wanted to join a hobby class during winter break? Any nut crackeyyy idea girls? ;)

Until then
Keep smiling :)