Friday, December 16, 2011

Something better Always comes Along

A warm Christmasy welcome to all the beautiful people :)

Are you always stuck between situations and after sometime you realize, hey this wasn't that bad!
A lesson learned? There is always something better that comes along. Needless to say, it still doesn't make sense when we are in that situation! Let me tell you 5 things in my life which don't matter much but who listens to these advises? :P

1) Cartoon Network
I remember the time when I used to watch Powerpuff girls from 3-3:30, Dexter's Laboratory from 3:30 to 4.. The timings of other shows I don't remember but Heidi, Mickey mouse and friends, Aladdin and the magic lamp and many more. After a few transitions in life I started to watch the likes of Pokemon, cardcapters etc. then I missed my Bubbles :( and DeeDee and how captain planet taught me to clean my room and stop throwing toffee wrappers.. Nevertheless, I continued watching Pokemon (a kid I was!) and after a while I started liking it :D

Now, I am an adult and I miss Pikachu.. You remember- pika pika pika pikachu pika pika pika pikachu? :P hahahahha.. I thought I won't be able to watch shows that adult people watch cos they're just superficial.
Then came along shows that stole my heart.. FRIENDS, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and Gossip Girl. How I love these now?
You might know better.. How my non-outfit posts are incomplete without Serena :D

2) That Guy or Girl
I love you.. You are the one, the only one, whom I want to spend my life with! After 7 months, I don't wanna see your face you @#$$@!#*
Does this conversation sound familiar? No this didn't happen with me.. okay not in that way :P
We promise to love some stranger with all our heart, after sometime we break it and like within a span of time we are cuddling with someone else.

I am not telling you that we always do that.. some lucky people find their soulmate and there is no looking back. What I want to emphasize is, don't give up on love... It is the greatest feeling on earth that a Man/Woman can ever experience. It is like a gift from God.. SO cherish it.. And don't get disheartened if you fall out of love.. It happens to make space for a special someone to enter <3

3) My Hips Always Lie
Ouch! My feet hurts.. Heyy I bought It last month.. Every Girl's bathroom talk. I have a confession to make, I have gained weight recently :P Shhhh.. But I'm exercising.. Why? 2 reasons
a) For my cousin's wedding
b) I want to get into my favorite pair of jeans..
Isn't that enough? We run, skip meals, avoid junk food.. to get into some stupid cloth! okay don't kill me.. not stupid.. but heyy.. Accept your body..

Agreed, you are doing good by getting back into shape, but let it not turn into a desperation! Cos, you can find even a perfect jeans or a heel AGAIN!! but not YOU if you torture yourself by skipping meals..
Een Een.. Mumma says No :P

4) Missed by Fluke
I set up an alarm, get up on time, just when I'm about to walk out of the door, phone rings.. or something happens.. Not your story? Okay.. I get up on time.. everything goes smoothly.. I'm about to catch my regular bus but guess the bus wasn't regular as it didn't show up that day. Whatever you say.. Somethings are not destined to happen. I'm not a big friend of destiny or karma but it takes toll on me when things don't go my way. After a while I feel.. good it didn't happen.. I'd have____ or I'd be ____.  Are you happy that it didn't happen or relieved? Whatever you are feeling right now, you have to thank destiny sometimes..It has set perfect chords with that hot guy.. ;) only when you feel there is no point staying in a pub, that the hot guy drops :P

This reminds me of the perfect dialogue by Marshal to Robin from HIMYM-
M- How many times in my life have I gone to the freezer to look for frozen waffles and not find them?
R- Thousands
M- Exactly! But when I go to the freezer to look for popsicle, you know what I find? Frozen waffles.. That's how it works..
Now, see? see? Don't look for something.. Instead look for some tomatoes and you will come home with a pie or a guy :P

5) A Bright New Day :)
** Yesterday was bad? Awwww.. really? Shut up! Why are you bothered about yesterday.. Do you want me to ask the same question over and over again for the next 365 days??? **
I tell this to myself when I'm moaning about yesterday or today. Okay so the day isn't good.. you have injured yourself, lost your pretty necklace and had a fight with your best friend.. so what? You still have Tomorrow to make everything right.. So why not go find that necklace instead of sulking, apply bandage on your wound and watch MI 4 with your bestie? ;) hahaha..

Over the years, my brain has been accustomed to look for solutions instead of crying over the spilled milk.. I mean, of course you have to cry to learn but not for too long. This goes wrong, spat I look for the solution. If it doesn't get right in that day.. so what.. I'll wake up the next morning with a big smile and maybe new ideas to work out the same problem :)

So remember to NOT look for something and be stuck up over a heavy rock. Instead, move it with the help of special people, to unveil beautiful secrets in life :) <3

P.S. Giveaway preparations done.. Giveaway post next time :)

Until Then,
Keep Smiling :)