Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome 2012 with a Smile :)

Heyy darlings

I am so excited.. It is finally the end of the year.. New Year is coming. Yippeeee.. This is not a Thanks-giving day but there are so many things for which I'm thankful for!

1. For my friends.. We have been together at the worst of times ;) fought- gotten closer- made fun of people- then again fought- flirted with boys- shopped- laughed and had a great time. This is our last year at college.. So I want to say one thing.. I will miss you :( I hope to meet you often! I know we have been placed in different cities but promise me.. we will meet at least once a year :)

2. Family.. I cannot thank them enough! They mean the World to me. I have recently become closer to my younger brother ( 11years old). I love him like anything.. It is like a ritual to fight with and hug him every day :D. Thank you Mom for making such yummy yummy food. You are my Tarla Dalal :D. Thank you papa for letting me buy that beautiful dress even though I haven't wore it even once! Thank you so much :-*


3. Chic Factor.. For all those who don't know-  It is a magazine run by 2 gorgeous ladies~Iasha and Sasha.. It is the place where all the fashion trends, gossips, relationship notes etc are shared! It is one of the best things that happened to me this year! I got selected as Chic of the week.. got a part to be the guest author in Chic Factor Gazette and made new friends. Thank you Angels <3

4. Newbies- I did so many nail arts! I really swear that I couldn't even apply a coat properly! Then I made dishes for family. This is a big thing for me because I have never even made Tea for anyone let alone an item in a plate :P


5. College- Everybody has a love-hate relationship with their college. I hate a few things and love most! I have spent 4 great years here ( why 4? cos I'm a 'budding' Engineer: sic). Learned whom to trust and whose back to kick ;) .. I learnt that girls can do rebonding too!
Yes the secret is out. My hair is rebonded! Thrice! But the recent pictures have half the original hair. If you can't spot the difference then I know my photoshop well :P hahah Nooo.. I can't do that much :D
So in all.. I love my college and I'm thankful to it!

6. Blogging World- This is by far THE BEST thing that has happened to me! I can't express how grateful I am to all of you! I started blogging in September and till this date I have so many Gorgeous people loving my blog and me *blush blush* Couldn't thank you more!! You are the Best. I never ever imagined that Blogging would be so dear to me. Receiving the 'Versatile Blogger Award' then a 'Giveaway' and so many amazing members.. It feels great, doesn't it? I LOVE YOU <3


So that is it.. I am thankful to only these 7 things! :D What are you thankful of?

Moving on, here are a few pictures I had taken a while back when I had attended my neighbour's 5 year Anniversary. Isn't it amazing? :)

Jacket: Biglife
Sweater: Lakshita
Jeans: Xpose, Biglife
Boots: Metro
Bellies: Catwalk, Fashion and you
Headband: New You

I know you have seen these boots a lot of time and you will be seeing them often cos I have just one pair of Boots.. That's right.. I absolutely Love Flats, bellies.. Everything that DOESN'T have heels.. cos I'm not comfortable in it :D hehe.. but now it seems I love Boots too.. Don't you too? So maybe I'll buy more!
But the above Bellies I purchased online from Fashion and you: these are my fav pair. Got a great deal. You should check out too!

And one more thing! I am new on Blogadda! It is a place where all the bloggers in India meet and share their blogs :) If you vote for my blog, it would be a perfect New Year gift for me.. :) What say? 
If you can, then please find a button in the right column; saying 'Plz rate me on BlogAdda' 
Thank you :)

I want to thank you once again for being a part of Fictitious Fashion for this year and the coming years.. :)

Don't forget to take part in my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. Just 5 MORE days to go :)
Bye Bye 2011. You were great to me! But I have found someone more exciting ;)
Welcome 2012 :) :D


What are your plans for New Year???? 
I am taking an off for a few days. Will spend some time with family and friends :)

See you in 2012 <3 Happy New Year! Smile :)