Monday, January 2, 2012

American Apparel Disco Pants (of course!)

Autumn 182Autumn 183Autumn 227Autumn 228Autumn 229Autumn 233

Yup these babies were what were in my bag.
I splashed out £70 on these, but I can honestly say they are the best trousers ever. They are perfect for every day and also you can dress them up so much. £70 is a lot of money to spend on trousers/leggings but they are so worth it. I had been lusting over these for ages, I had to get them and they go with absolutely everything.
Sorry about the photos, my sister took them as i was taking pictures of her for my photography.. bless her she’s only 9.
I go back to college tomorrow, really not looking forward to it!

Love Tigerlilly xoxox