Monday, January 30, 2012

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Today I had a really bad day, you know the ones when just everything goes wrong? Yup, it was one of those days. However I came home and remembered my first delivery from Graze was here!
Graze is this company that send you cute little snack boxes for only around £4 and the first box is half price!
In my graze box i got: Tom yum yum rice crackers, Super berry detox mix, Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack and Lightly toasted pistachios.
The rice crackers were a bit too spicy for me but ahh the rest was lush!
I really recommend it. Also if you leave a comment down below with your email I will send you a little code to get your first box free! Yey!

Heres the website:

Sorry I haven't posted in a while been real busy,
Tigerlilly xxx