Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Radisson Hotel and Giveaway Winners


Howdie???? I've lost it :P

Why is that all the junk/bad food tastes heavenly? AND why do we slip in wrong doings easily? These stupid things were haunting me for the past few hours... Not listening to my Brain; I ordered Domino's White Italiano Pasta ;) I think Pizza harms more than Pasta :P

Anyways.. On Christmas Eve,I went to The RadissonBlu Hotel.. It was splendid! A giant man opened the doors of our car, a pretty lady escorted us. As soon as we entered, we chose not to pay attention to onlookers.. To my surprise some were in payjamas/jammies...

Moving on, this is what I wore...

Sequin Blazer: Tana Bana, Muah 
Sweater: Lakshita
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Metro
Tights: Miss Jo
Socks: Thrifted
Headband: Stolen, Biglife

I filled my plate with these deserts to just 'taste' them :P

Chocolate Tart and Raspberry Mousse cake
Chocolate tart again, mango jelly and some sweet roll, I forgot the name.. It was bad anyways.. haha


And the much awaited Results of My First Giveaway!!!! Let me tell you it was a tough job!!!! 
Oh what the hell.. did the job.. lol
As I told you, I wouldn't remind anyone about some missing links.. I stood by my words but told to few as they forgot to do the main thing.. I'm good, right? ;) hahaha..

So after eliminating 1-2, some disqualifications.. Here is the main list of Giveaway No. 1
Drum rolls Please... 
The winner of Giveaway No. 1 is Surabhi Limaye :D

And the Winner of Giveaway No. 2 is Prerana Kedia Ranjan

Congratulations to both of you.. Please Email me your mailing address :)

Others don't get disheartened.. cos of 3 reasons

1) Surprise 3 on the way :)
2) 2nd Giveaway coming in a few weeks
3) I have thought of so so so so many contests for you.. You could win each week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited???? So Don't worry be happy :)

And and and.. I hope you liked My outfit post.. Also, Thank you for your patience and kind words after I chit-chat my way to glory :P
I have to attend a wedding the coming week.. So the next post will be a Surprise 3.. The last one :)

Until then
Keep smiling :)