Friday, January 20, 2012

Romwe Blast

Ho Ho Ho

Even though Christmas is over, it struck me that I didn't use this sign-up language quite then :P So Ho Ho Ho..!

Now, you all know how crazy I am.. Even crazier to get gifts.. and craziest to win them! Remember how I told you about my Two latest wins? check here.

Let me grab this opportunity and thank for holding such fabulous giveaways.
I won one $10 tights and also $10 freebies.. They told me that the freebie would lie in my account for like 'for ever'.. And you know what I did??? I did exactly what they asked, bought an accessory immediately ;)

Here is what I bought... I couldn't find the picture on Romwe as it had been sold out! So whatever I got, I put it here :)

Aren't they gorgeous??? okii.. Let me stop blabbering and tell you about my favorite online store now! :)

Romwe was established in the 2010's Christmas Night!!!!!! It has just been an year for them and it has become a High Street Fashion Label.
They 'specialize' in clothes, shoes, Bags and Jewelry.

Some of my favorites from their store is





Aren't they JUST GORGEOUS?? I was about to purchase one of the above Rings but then the size Factor came along.. But I like my purchase :)

So Some Facts about Romwe:
  • You get 20% off on any item when you sign up!!!
  • They ship free internationally! (5-20 business days)
  • No minimum purchase is required! There are items as low as $5.99!!
  • Many of my Lovely Blogger friends Love their designs and wear them Day-In and Day-out!
  • They are kind enough to give away free tights and freebies :)
  • They originally started as a small vintage shop and have awesome outfits.

See their huge fan base on Facebook.

You can click on the right hand side panel to get exciting offers. 

I'm waiting for my gifts right now.. :) Feel so happy.. What were you doing just before you sat on laptop/computer? :)

And heyy..  Don't forget to Participate in-

START DATE: 17-01-2012
END DATE: 24-01-2012 IST Midnight

Until then
Keeep Smilingggggg :) N Eating :P