Sunday, January 22, 2012

|| Some Makeover ||

Hello Ladies
How is everyone doing?

This is a quick post in which I will show you how I did a Shoe-Box makeover :) But before that, let me tease you by saying 3 words- I ATE DONUTS!!!!! Tried the new Double-Trouble variety, The Double Dusting!! It was..Umm.. cannot define it cos I was busy eating :P

Anyways here are the designs. I got just these gift-wraps/handmade paper so here it is :)

So, did you like it?? The last box you have seen it in my giveaway post. I will be giving it to the winner of Giveaway No. 2 <3

This is what the shopkeeper called, A non-slip hanger.. True to his words, I could put my tights, belts etc. as you can see: and they don't SLIP! :P Cute, isn't it?

And this is what I painted on my Nails for my cousin's engagement :)

So did you like the pictures?? Btw, How was your weekend?? <3

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Until then
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