Friday, January 13, 2012

Surprise 1 || Sigma Beauty Affiliation

Hey My Dearies... <3
How have you been? I hope great because even greater days are coming for you at this Blog! :)

So, as I promised on My Facbeook Page; there are 3 surprises lined up for you! Excited? I am :D

So here is the First Surprise~ I'm now a Sigma Beauty Affiliate!!

Sigma Beauty needs no Introduction- They started out in 2009 and quickly became famous for professional and high-quality make-up. 
Their Motto: Keeping the World Beautiful! That is so sweet, isn't it? Also, they have over 81,900+ Fans on Facebook.

Facts about Sigma beauty, They
  • Ship Internationally!
  • Have shipped in over 100 countries.
  • Have won awards like 'Gold Medal for 2011 Beauty Olympics for BEST BRUSHES'
  • Have an incredible range of products including Brush kits, Individual brushes, Make-up, Accessories and many more..
  • Have affordable products as low as $9! Can you beat that?
  • They are so generous that they give a complementary gift to every member who spends $30 or more. Also, they are kind enough to give you an additional 10% off on your purchase: which is valide till 31st of January, 2012
Here are some of the products I love! (Inside story: Okay I'm not into make-up that much but Just Look at the products they are offering.. doesn't it make you lust for pretty things? :P )

1. Cleansing and Polishing Tool- It is recommended for daily body exfoliation and occasional facial exfoliation. Click on the title to know more about the Tool :)
Cleansing and Polishing Tool- $9

2. Eye Shadow Palette~ Dare, Blare, Flare- All of the three Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette include different touch of colors. I liked the name they used for this collection, quite quirky. Click on the title to know more about these vibrant yet warm colors :)

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette~ Dare, Bare and Flare- each $35

3. Heart Shaped Mirror- Pink Safari- Every girl needs a little dazzle! This pocket mirror is the perfect accessory for our make-up collection. It comes with an exclusive black velvet bag, beautiful packaging, 2 magnifications- regular and 5X, Many Colors ~ Pink, Red, Blue, Purple and many more.. I'm totally in love with this cute Mirror <3. Click on the title to see the variety of designs and discounts :)

Sigma Beauty Heart Shaped Mirror: Pink Safar- $22

So go on girls, check them out.. And if you like it, purchase it with the below discounts :)

Click- coupon valid till 31-01-2012

So buy their Fabulous range of products or ask a friend to buy them.. The more someone buys it, the more You Gain!
How? If You are lucky enough, I might give you gift certificates by the commission I earn. You can use this certificate and shop for the entitled amount without paying anything! Isn't that cool?

So get along.. Share it on your Facebook pages, Blogs, Twitter :)

Keep checking my Facebook page for SURPRISE 2!!!! 

Until then
Happy Shopping :)