Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SURPRISE 2 || Return of My First Giveaway (Indian Residents Only)


Hello Sweeties

I have a big big announcement. 1st 'big' is about some giveaway I won :D Now, Let me tell you that I'm never lucky when it comes to giveaways, lucky draws.. you know where I'm going right? But een een.. not today.. When I checked my mail this evening, I found to my SURPRISE.. dat I'm lucky too!!!! :D
I won NOT one but TWO of them!! Yipppe.. Thank you Linda from style mood board for the lovely blouse and Romwe for the Tights .... :D

Now, a Surprise for you guys :)

Remember my First International Giveaway: Celebrating 100 followers? (link).

It is back now! Why?
Well here's why.. I was all set to ship items internationally when I found out that my stupid post office doesn't ship internationally!!!!! When I tried other services then it was costing me 200 times MORE than the actual price.. So I was pretty bummed out!! :\

NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!
Remember I recently tied up with Sigma Beauty?? (post). So my previous winners- Nora and Andrea would not leave empty handed but Gift Certificates :) I will tell more about this later on.. But I am really sorry guys, I couldn't give you what I promised.. Hope this little gesture helps :)

Now, Moving on.
The Giveaway starts today and ends on 24th of January, i.e. 24-01-2012 at 12am ,IST

START DATE: 17-01-2012
END DATE: 24-01-2012

For details about the items I'm giving, go to the above link.

New Rules:

1) Follow me via Google friend connect/GFC - Top right corner, Written as "Join this site". Make sure you follow me publically. One entry
2) Leave a comment saying which giveaway you want, 1 or 2: along with your GFC name, City where you live in and your Email Address.

That's it.. :)
And if  you want to increase your chances of winning; you can do the following-

3) Follow my blog on Facebook- Link. -one entry 

4)Post about my giveaway on facebook saying @Fictitious Fashion *my giveaway link* check out her giveaway or other kind words :): Two entries

5) Follow me on Twitter -one entry

6) Write about this giveaway on twitter. eg. @sweetgal13 *my giveaway link* check out this amazing giveaway. Or any sweet words you like <3 - Two entries

7) Put this giveaway picture on your sidebar by grabbing my button which is just below the GFC button (Simply copy the code, go to your design, add a gadget, HTML/JavaScript widget: Make title as Fictitious Fashion Giveaway and paste the code in the message box) :) -Three entries

8) Post about my giveaway on your blog :) - Five entries

So in all you have Fifteen entries.

So leave a comment below having the following details:
Giveaway number 1 or 2:
Your name:
GFC Name:
Facebook name (account through which you followed):
Facebook link (click on the timesnap-2seconds ago): OR Snapshot:
Twitter name:
Twitter link (click on the timesnap- 2seconds ago):

Blog post link: 
Email Id:

State where you live in:

Previous Entrants Note:

Your entries (Indians) have been saved. Nevertheless, I will check your entries once again so make sure that you have done whatever you had mentioned earlier.. like putting up the picture in your sidebar.. NEVERTHELESS, YOU HAVE TO CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION BY LEAVING A COMMENT..
If you want to EDIT (Limit or increase your participation) anything then copy your previous comment in the earlier post and Re-comment in THIS POST else leave it :)

Also, last time I was very lenient in reminding you what you have forgotten etc. Not this time sweets ;) I will be strict :P Don't go by my smiley! lol

So, what are you waiting for.. UNDO things what you had deleted :D

Did you like my 2nd surprise?? 3rd one will come along with the RESULT which will be announced on 25th of January, 2012 :)

Until then
Keep Smiling :)