Monday, January 9, 2012

The Bow!

Helloo Angels
How are you doing???
Here, in India, it is soooooooo Cold... My nails are Blue o.O . Time to cover my nose cos the newspaper says that it snowed in Shimla :D ... ErrErrrErr (The noise of me shivering!)

So this outfit post has been lingering on for..let me see the picture properties.. Ahh..yes.. Mid December!!!!
I have so so many posts lined up for you .. Hope you like them :)

I know I look really funny but I had to put this pic! Look how I'm standing :P

I wore this on our back-to-back movie expedition.
So my friends and I went to Spice Mall, Noida and fulfilled one of my wishes from my wishlist - watching Back to back movies!
I didn't tell about my Wishlist? I will tell you someday :)
SO I saw 'Mission Impossible:4' ~ Rocking! and 'The Dirty Picture' ~ No comments!

I adore this belt! Look at the tiny silver BOW!!!!

P.S. Blame wind for my hair!

Top: Remanika
Sweater: Reebok
Jeans: Xpose, Ritu wears/Biglife
Headband and Thumb Ring: Stolen, Ritu wears/Biglife
Shoes: Catwalk, Fashion and you
Bow Belt: Paprika, Lifestyle

Did you like it? ^_^

There is something nice for you in my next or next to next post :D

Have a nice day :)

Until then
A question for you: When people say, remove all traces of make-up, does that include kohl/kajal too?
If yes, then how to remove it? P.S. I'm new to make-up glory!