Monday, January 16, 2012


kool 346

I did a photoshoot with my friend izzy, she nicely braved the cold and let me take pictures of her in the freezing weather! This is the result of one of the pictures.

kool 020kool 010

Got a bit addicted to desperate housewives, the first season. My friend lent me the box set and I cant stop! Its so good. Also been eating way to much ice cream recently… It accompanies desperate housewives brilliantly.

itig2itig1kool 372

and pictures of me in the frosty grass where i took pictures of my friend, she thought it was only fair she took some pictures of me too! Boring outfit, just grabbed whatever my eyes could focus on at 10 in the morning!

Hope your having a brill monday.
Up next is a little outfit post.
Thinking of doing a little D.I.Y project too… Would you guys like to see that on the blog?

Tigerlilly xx