Thursday, February 23, 2012

Copy Cat Valentine's Day!

Hello sweetypies!

This is quick post to show what I did and wore on Valentine's Day.. Subsequently leading to something catty! :D

We went to a friend's party on Valentine's Day.. Had so much fun.. but unfortunately I fell ill.. :( Nevertheless.. it was so much fun :D
The next part, I'm taking part in something called 'CopyCat'. It is a series of fun posts done by bloggers and is originally started by Sara from Frills for Thrills. It is such a great concept where you have to copy inspirational looks from Pinterest or anywhere on internet, where similar clothes and post them!! :D Here is my share.. Hope you like them :)

Dress and Ring: Ginger, Lifestyle
Bellies/Flats: Thrifted
Coat: Lakshita
Accessories: Stolen
Tights: Romwe

And this is the picture I copied. Changed it a bit though :). N Yes.. That is Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl Fame!

FrillsforThrills CopyCats
So I'm a Copycat!! ;)

Oh yess... This Pastry, My Dad brought it for us from Haldirams.. Different for three of us.. To each, his own! ;)

Now as I told you earlier, I'll be taking a short break due to upcoming exams :) Will be back in March with brand new posts about Love, Life, Happiness-- as a Follower suggested :)
and a mix of product reviews and my Style.. oh yes. And Giveaways & contests.. But you can still find me on Facebook and ask anything you want :)

So, looking forward to March, han girls? I am :)

New thing Up- I am taking part in this amazing Giveaway by S.O.S- Style on Sale..

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This is my Entry picture

Until then
Enjoy rest of the week <3