Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My collection of Grey Jumpers

blog jiumper 003Primark

blog jiumper 009Topshop

blog jiumper 011

blog jiumper 015Both H&M

blog jiumper 016

blog jiumper 020This is actually a dress, but i tuck it into jeans and pretend its a jumper sometimes! From Topshop

Hello my lovely followers and peoples of the internet!
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Been very busy with college, my photography dead line was the other day, it was just a big rush and lots of panicking! That’s over now though. Thank goodness.
Yippiee its half term, so lots of outfits and blog posts coming your way!

This is my collection of grey jumpers, they go with everything. Recently I went on a spree of just looking at grey stuff. Seriously though, who needs 5 grey jumpers? Which look roughly all the same.
Anyway, please tell me your favorite and which one you would like featured in an outfit post.


Tigerlilly xoxo