Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something to *Like*

Hello Lovely People!!

How have you been??? I am missing you so much.. Missing replying to your precious comments and missing reading your awesome posts :(
But Life goes on, right? As you know my exams are going on.. So, this is a quick post about a recent contest I participated in..

So I have participated in a giveaway held by S.O.S.- Style on Sale.. The person with the best displayed accessory will win an accessory from them AND the person with the most number of 'LIKES' generated, will win a goodie basket!! Isn't it exciting?? :D

So here is my share-

So If you Like this Picture here then Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Like It on Facebook TOO..

Here is the LINK..

Please Please Please Help me win!! If your computer is Super-Fast then It will hardly take 3 seconds ;) haha


On another Note... I am planning something special when I hit 250 here as well on Facebook (Together). Stay tuned for more information :) I will be Back on 3rd of March..

Until then
Keep Liking my picture.. Thank you :)