Thursday, February 2, 2012

Surprise 3 || BLOG SALE *For Indian Residents only*

Helllloooooooooooooo my Loveliesssss...
I missed you so much.. Did you miss me too???? :D

For all those who don't know.. I had gone to attend my 1st cousin's wedding.. And let me tell you, it was a BLAST!! We had so much fun.. I was on the groom's side and his sister and I danced from Morning till night ;) ohh.. How I've started to miss all the rasams/traditions, decorations, yummy food, getting ready in my favorite outfits.. FYI, I wore a Lehenga on D-day and Anarkali Suit/A style of suit for the reception..
I guess you have already seen the snippet of my Lehenga on my Facebook Page :) .. If not then see it here.

Ohhh.. M still so tired after sleeping for just 2-3 hours in the past 2 days.. But still.. Weddings are so much fun.. Couldn't miss it even for a second :D.. please Excuse me if I make a few errors while writing, as I'm half asleep in the evening! o.O But I had to post about the Last Surprise.. So here it is :)

My First Blog Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applause Please :D

Since this is my first attempt at selling something :P it will have certain physical boundaries.. la la la .haha (I'm still half asleep :| )

1. This sale is open ONLY for people having Indian Address
2. Items on Sale are not very new but worn twice or thrice!
3. There are NO SHIPPING CHARGES.. yeyyyy :D

So let's begin

1. My Mom's Closet: Red Suit

Model: My Mom :)
This had been one of her favorite suits when I was in school.. :P yes it is a little old but worn only thrice!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Color: Red with Golden wire Emrbodiery
Material: Georgette
Size: Small to Medium: Kameez- 32"/81cm, chudhidaar width- adjustable, dupatta- 46"/117cm
Waist size: 28-33. Enough room for alteraiton
Bought from: Lajpat Nagar

Cost Price: 699 INR
Selling Price: 300 INR (Not Negotiable)
Included: Suit piece, Chudidar/bottom and Dupatta

2. My Closet: Blue Jeans


Color: Shaded Dark Blue
Material: Denim, non-stretchable
Waist Size: 26-28" (since it is not strecheable), Slim/skin Fit
Bought from: Biglife/Ritu Wears: Xpose

Cost Price: 1399 INR
Selling Price: 650 INR (Negotiable if demand is not high)
Included: Jeans only

So what are you waiting for???? Write your email address below if your interested.. or Drop me a mail query, if you have any about the payment details etc.
Once again, this is only for people LIVING IN INDIA or with INDIAN ADDRESS!

Did you like the surprise?? I bet you won't get such clothes at Such Low Prices and NO SHIPPING Charges!!!!! I assure you they have been worn only Twice or Thrice!

Now, another thing.. I'm excited to announce the awesome SALE on Romwe for Valentine's Day... They are kind enough to give 3 coupons for all of you..

1. Coupon code: ValentineDay1    $15 off Coupon on Purchase over $60 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 02/01/2012 end date: 02/14/2012.
2. Coupon code: ValentineDay2    $25 off Coupon on Purchase over $90 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 02/01/2012 end date: 02/14/2012.
3. Coupon code: ValentineDay3    $35 off Coupon on Purchase over $120 at and only be used once per customer! Free shipping! Start date: 02/01/2012 end date: 02/14/2012.

Let me tell you that I bought such awesome Hoops from Romwe for just $9.99 via Free Gift Certificate.See it here. ofcours.. You have to spend a lil more.. but hey they are so authentic and awesome.. More to offer, Less to pay! And what more..  FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for only the three mentioned codes.. only if you go via the above links.. so go and buy yourself some fashionable Clothes and accessories.. I'll be flaunting mine shortly as my package (Hoops+Tights) have been dispatched :D

Next Big News... I'll be holding a series of Contests on Facebook.. You will be notified there and here.. SO stay tuned ;) Also, I have decided to make an award for my lovely followers.. Keep checking :D

Such a happy-happy post.. right?

Until then
Tell me how was your week :)