Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Big Fat Indian Wedding!- Part II

Happy Sunday Friends :)
How is the weekend treating you? Mine is going good but have to study so sorry for lack of good posts! One of my gorgeous followers suggested that I continue with my happy-life-love and all the candid posts :D like the one here and here...
So shall I make it a point to publish a happy-happy post once a week?? Which day would you suggest? :)

Now, I'd like to thank Linda from The Style Moodboard from for holding such a fabulous giveaway- I won an Ellen Tracy Tee!! Yippee and just received the package. It is beautiful :)

Moving on, this is the 2nd part of the Big Fat Indian Wedding I attended.. If you haven't seen the first, then you can see it here :)

These pictures were taken on the day of a function called 'Gharoli'. It is a tradition where the 'Bhabhi', Wife of the Groom's Brother, goes to a gurudwara/mandir/temple and fetches holy water and keeps it in a pot placed on her head! Well of course, the weight is there that's why we gave her a small pot :D The groom later on has to first bathe with this water.
 Hope you like the pictures <3

 Here you will see me dancing.. We danced all the way to temple and back home!! It was so much fun!! :D

Here you can see my younger brother! :)

Suit- Meena Bazaar
Golden Big Cuff: Fashion and You
Bracelet/Bangles: BG's
Headband: Stolen
Mobile Case: Stilettos

Next up, this is merely a better version of the First part.. The earlier pictures were being taken by my mobile.. These are the Photographer's pick.


Here, I'm feeding a Horse with some Dal/Pulses. This is one of the many traditions where the sister of the Groom does the same in order to set the horse for a long-day journey!-That's what I think :P

Electric Blue Lehenga, Bangles, Danglers and Stilettos : Lajpat Nagar

Do you like the pictures?? :)

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