Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day~ Nails DIY

Hey Gorgeous friends!
I'm back as promised, with new set of nail art! And not 'just another' Nail Art but Valentine's Day Nail-Do!!!!

Todayy is the Big Day!!!! Let's take us time out of our busy lives and say- Yipppeeeee :D

So let us start this heart-filled nail design :)

1 <3- First start with a base coat to protect your beautiful nails :)

2<3- Next, paint your nails diagonally, a baby pink! You can use a clear tape if your hand is not steady! I used hand..

3<3- The tricky part! Very carefully make two thick slant lines which 'look' like a heart.. You can fill the notch if the heart doesn't look neat!

4<3- Now, use a toothpick to create horizontal and vertical lines. Tip- Tilt your fingers opposite the motion of the toothpick.. You can choose any colors..

5<3- This part is totally your call!!! Either you can finish with the top coat to get a beautiful shine OR you can cover the nails with sparkle nail polish! :)

Ta Daaa.. Done!!

Here is how it will look <3

To be honest.. I didn't quite like the designs.. :( I'm a lil bit disappointed..  But I like the colors <3 Did you like it?

And tell me now. Do you have any plans for todayy?? Are you doing anything different this V-Day?

I am! And I will show you what, in the coming posts :D

Till then Enjoyy the New vouchers from Romwe.. Oh Did I tell you My New pair of tights and Danglers just arrived~!!!!!!!! Yippeeee I gooooo.. They are lovely.. Maybe I will wear them today :)

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And one last question?? How are you wearing Red today? Or are you boycotting it? *evil laugh*

Hope that this V-day and the coming days, bring loads of Love and Happiness in your lap..

Love you guys... Happy Valentine's day :)


Until Next time
Keep Loving