Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2nd Product Review: Maybelline EyeLiners And a Giveaway Announcement!

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So, I'm  back with my 2nd Review.. After such a long time... Read my first, A magic revealed, HERE :)

As you all know by now that I don't use make-up!! why? Firstly, I don't like it on my skin! Secondly, I don't know how to wear it:P .. and Lastly, I don't like it on my skin!!
But anyways, I had to purchase them due to The Big Fat Indian Wedding! Remember?:)

So these are the 3 eyeliners I bought from Maybelline and one Foundation whose review I'll do later ...
Moving on,

You know the tagline of Maybelline?? "Maybe she is born with it, maybe it's Maybelline" 

I bought 2 colors intially, Pink Pearl and Violet Pearl.. I loved them so much that I bought Gold too :D

The Range: Maybelline Vivid & Smooth.

What they say?

  • Vivid color & Smooth Application ensure that eyes will never be dull again.
  • Available in 12 stunning shades to match your every mood!
  • So easy to apply, you can now be your own makeup artist.
Expert tip: Apply along your lash-line from the inner to the outer corners.

Purchased from: Lifestyle, Great India Place at 15% discount

Shelf life: My eyeliner says, use before 10/13 .. I bought it in January, so it is approximately 2 years!

What I personally like about the eyeliner:

  • Smooooooooooth and easy to glide-on
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant
  • Gives a nice shade on one glide.
  • Has various color options, Bordeaux pearl, Violet Pearl, Olive, Pink pearl, Lavender pearl, Gold, Metallic silver, Peacock green, Ocean blue and Ice blue
  • Affordable and easily available
  • Cheaper than other available brands like Revlon, Lakme, Chambor etc.

What I dislike about the eyeliner:
  • All the colors you see, are really light!!! You have to apply 2-3 times to make it slightly darker!
That's it for me :)

Price: M.R.P. INR 200 ... After discount, INR 170

My Favorite color: It has to be Violet Pearl since it is darker and is visible on my skin!!!

Swatches: Shown below!

Left: Pink Pearl and Lavender Pearl, Right: Gold .. Gold is very very light- All One Glide!

My verdict:
I Love it!! It is simple and looks sober on eyes :)

Will I buy it again?
I don't think so.Unless someone instills a make-up streak in me! ;) Else I Highly Recommend it to girls who want a simple, day-to-day wear/evening look :)

My Rating:
4.90/5.0 (Deducted rating due to lightness upon applicability!)

For more information on colors, visit this LINK

I hope you liked my Review.. I promise to improve in future :)

A very special Blog friend is hosting a Gorgeous Giveaway on completion of 1000 followers.. Hope you participate :) It is open till 31st March, 2012 and is open Internationally :)



Random Note: Today while doing an experiment in Lab (Biotechnology Lab, Yes, I'm an Engineer in making!).. A drop of ethanol/alcohol went straight into my left eye!!!!!!!!!!!
I ran and splashed water for like 5minutes.. Now, it is like irritating (very very slightly) but no redness!! (Thankfully :))

Any home remedy? What to do?

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