Friday, March 30, 2012

My First International Contest: 250 Followers

Yip Yip Yippeeeeee !!!
Love you everyone :) We are finally 250... <3 <3 Can't thank enough.. Credit goes to each and everyone of you kind and lovely people :) :)

So As Promised, I bring to you, My First International Blog Contest!!!!!!! Isn't it awesome? :)

What is it about?

I had given three hints on Facebook page, regarding this contest, namely-

  • Say Fictitious Fashion
  • No one can do better than you
  • Be Imaginary
Got anything? :D No? I will help you..........

What you have to do?

As my Blog's title suggests- FICTITIOUS meaning Imaginary or unreal and FASHION- Anything Appealing to you as well as general crowd, describes you and/or follows current trend!

So all you have to do is SEND me a picture of anything fictitious you have done or can do.. It could be anything from a nail art design to a skirt style, a necklace you made out of pebbles or a quirky hairstyle!!!!!
Remember- It should be MADE by you and not something you have!! Although, you can alter a present thing and make it YOURS..

A few examples-


link and link

Remember my Leopard nails? But not the mere two-tone leopard nails, rather a colorful one... That is Making something your own!
My Tribal nail art.. It is not usually worn by people and if they do, then restricted till clothes.. I tried tribal nail art :) That is Fictitious! :)


I'm not daring you to even remotely trying this!!! :P This is just an example to show that if you have colored your hair or if you are going to do so then why stop at brown or blacks? Experiment!!! One or two steaks maybe.. in two colors .. Hair is one part of your body that grows quickly and could be hidden too if things go wrong ;) hahaha.. So that is Fictitious Fashion.
For hairstyles.. Color is not a limitation :)

Instead of the usual french braid, fish-tail braid or normal braid.. This is something different and unique..right? :)

3. DIY Accessories

4. Clothes

New Trend- Fruity Clothes.. There are cherries, watermelons, bananas and what not! If you are an avid follower of the current trend then you'd know.. Wear anything like this creatively!! or Bring your artistic streak and paint your white skirt/shorts/ headband or anything :)

Some More Examples.....


Remember this post? Click the picture link.. I had made the satin flower with two ribbons stitched :) There are so many different ways in which you can wear a flower or a bow!

  • Pattern on Pattern
  • Monochrome- One colored outfit with or without any colored accessory
  • Any different, unseen, unheard make-up style or trick
  • Old Trend Brought back by you
  • Plaid or any design on shoes
  • Nerdy-geek sexy look!!!
  • Shoe box makeover- LINK
I guess I have given you LOADS of ideas.. :) Pick any one or surprise me with your ideas ...


1. People who have liked my picture- for the accessory contest on 'Style on Sale' before, NEED NOT do 2 and 3.. If you want to spread the love, then I won't stop you :)

2. Follow me on GFC- "Join the Site"
3. Like my Facebook Page, HERE

4. Send me the picture of your Fictitious Style on this email id:
(I will publish your entries on My Facebook page)

Submit your comment in the following order:

1. Liked/Not liked (Don't cheat :P I've the entries)
2. GFC name:
3. Facebook name:
4. Your name:
5. Email id:
6. Where do you live?
That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want you can spread the word :) by using this picture or any kind words..

This is NOT A LIKE BASED CONTEST!!! I will select the winner on the basis of uniqueness, creativity and novelty... Basically who follows my 3 hints (at the beginning of the post).

PLEASE SEND ONLY ONE PICTURE DEPICTING ONLY ONE THING!!! You can describe your entry if you want then I will upload it on my Facebook Page :)

Categories where you should be in the picture are as follows:

Nail Art (You can click one picture of your hand and the other of yourself with nails)

If you are too shy to post your picture then you can just crop the eyes and portion above :)

If you have any query then feel free to comment here or mail me on


A Forever 21 Pendant Necklace

A Note- This is a Self-Sponsored Contest :) ( But If you want to sponsor me, then you can email me)

If I like more than one entry then you might get lucky and win some more goodies :).. This is not limited to one or two or three winners :)

Contest opens today: 30-03-2012

Contest ends: 17-04-2012 IST 21:00 hours

Winner(s) will be announced on April 18, 2012 here, on my facebook page and via email.. They have to contact me with their mailing address within 48 hours else the prize will go to the second best :)

BE AS INNOVATIVE AS POSSIBLE!! If you have any questions or want to ask if a particular idea is apt for my contest or not then feel free to message me on :

Bring Your Style, Your Way :)


My Facebook Contest has Started too!!!! Check it out :) LINK

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