Saturday, March 10, 2012

PasTel in ZaRa

Hello Beautiful People <3

For start, I won a contest for Gorgeous Hair .. yeyyyyy :D I want to thank everyone for their support :)

Now, I'm sorry that I haven't been regular in posting and visiting your Blogs.. So caught up with these contests.. Sorry :( Now, My focus will only be on Blogging, alright? And you can poke me if I'm not regular!! :D

So, I had asked my members, on Facebook Page, as to what they would like to see in the post today and many of them said, an outfit post!! So here it is.. :)

Remember I told you that Mr. A has bought me a zara second as a New Year present? :) So here is My second Zara acquisition.. You can see the first zara possession- A skirt, HERE.
I had always wanted a top like this.. I love the kind of sleeves that run up-till elbow! Add on, BOW!! I Love BOWS.. You can see it HERE :)  .. I know I keep taking you back :P But it is nice to remember the past and smile at it, right? *Deep Thought* ..
Another Add-on is the Pastel Brown!! PASTEL has taken over the BLOGGING WORLD.. Every second person loves pastel.. Pink, blue, purple, green, yellow.. So I bring Brown to you :)

I wore this to a Movie with Mr.A- MoneyBall!! It is a nice movie actually.. To be honest, I went to see Brad Pitt.. Love him <3 and also, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.. Smooooooooth ;)
Anyways, I hope you like the pictures :)

For the First time, I present to you- My Leopard Print Handbag :P

I realized I had never worn my Sun Glasses so here they are.. You like them on me? :D

Top: Zara
Jeans/Denims: Xpose, Bighlife
Bellies (My Favorite Pair): Catwalk~ Fashion and You
Glares/Sun Glasses: Fastrack
Handbag: Ginger, Lifestyle
Headband: New U

I know I don't wear much of accessories but what to do I swear by Simplicity!!! ;)

Did you like the post?

And one more thing.. I'd like you to visit my Sweet friend SURABHI's New Blog Post - WHY? :( It is about How Women are treated!!!! An eye-opener and a well discussed post by her.. :) Also, you may find girls spilling their rage in the comments... :P Make sure you check it before closing your web-browser ;)

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Have a nice dayyyy everyone :)