Thursday, March 15, 2012


ott 072ott 063ott 049ott 090ott 110(Jumper: h&m, Cardigan: Charity shop, Trousers: h&m, bag: Jane Norman (oh god i know, but its a nice bag!)

This weather is divine! Where I live its about 15 degrees and nice and sunny as you can probably see from the pictures. However I am inside blogging instead of trying to get a pre tan before I go to Spain. Ha, as if I would tan in 15 degrees, has to be at least 25 degrees for me to get even a hint of colour.
In my spanish class today there was a girl wearing the most amazing acid wash high waisted jeans evaah, so I asked her where they were from and they are from h&m for only £15… whut? So right now I have the urge to run down to my nearest h&m (about 15 mins on the train) to go and get myself a pair… im trying to save up though but sooo tempted.

Have a nice thursday xxoxox