Sunday, April 8, 2012

CHANGE is InevitablE

What makes life boring now and interesting the other minute? What makes us sad now and happy then?
What is it that starts with a little or more uncomfortable emotions and ends up with a 'this was it' note?

Like Every coin, the 6 letter word has two sides.. A Head: which we all think should bring to our lives.. Peace, new hopes, better life.. and A Tail: which we overlook while deciding the change in us.

Last night while watching the latest episode I have, of How I met your mother; I realized something very interesting about life. No matter how hard we try to run away from the present or no matter how hard we want to live in the present; change is waiting for us the next minute. We may not like it or we may do.. We cannot escape it. What I keep wondering is, why people are so afraid of it? Why are they so vary of committing to anything new and want to stick to what is familiar and comfortable?

Answer- They don't want to know what future holds for them. It might be better than the present or far worse than it but no one has the courage to sit back and say.. Bring it on you stupid clock.. If you can tick every minute without thinking of what will happen the next second, I have far more tolerance than you!

In Ted, the character's words- "It is hard to admit it sometimes. But I guess it is better to face it and move on than try to force something that just isn't meant to be..... No ghost is at peace, until it finally moves on"

So I leave you on that note.. Do not worry of what life holds next.. Change.. It is good :) Because, New is Always Better.. Always :)

My exams are starting from tomorrow so I will visit your blogs after they are over :) But I'd love to come by and see whether you liked my post or not :) Please be kind..ok? :D hehhe.. Just kidding.. You are always kind to me <3

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Until then
Welcome the change in you and Be happy :)