Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY: Rose from a Ribbon

Hello my sweetypies.. How have you been?
My Exams are over for now.. Yipppeeee..

Thank you all of you for your kind and generous wishes while I was gone.. I can just say I love You all :)

As a token of my Love.. I'll do a DIY post today :)

All of us know that girls are super crazyyyyyyy.. ~ Heyyy.. In a good sense.. They are crazy about things they love and can go extra miles to make their loved ones happy :)

So today, I bring to you something that can help you make your gifts personalized and your dresses & accessories look even more worth-wearing.. Cos it has a touch of you :)


You will need :

A ribbon (I have used a satin)
A florist's tape or a wire


1. Keep the dull surface of the ribbon facing upwards- You can take any length depending upon how big you want your flower to be.

2. From the end, fold it at right angle and press to form a crease.

3. Now, keep on folding from the crease till you get something like a 'cone'. Make a crease.

4. Fold more, along the ribbon ( 2-3 folds), to cover the 'cone'.
If it's your first time in something creative then you can probably seal this step with a stapler so that it doesn't open up in the middle!

5 and 6. Continue folding if you're not satisfied with the thickness of the bud!

7 and 8. This is the tricky part- Hold the bud in one hand while the rest of the ribbon in the other. Frame shift the ribbon or leave a gap between bud and ribbon. (See the picture)

9. WIth your left heand just fold the ribbon at 45 degrees on the outside.

10. This picture shows you how the fold will look from the back.

11. Turn the rose a bit and then again fold the ribbon at 45 degrees on the outside..

12. Keep turning and rotating the rose.. IF you want a bigger flower.. turn-flip-turn-flip.
If a smaller flower then turn- flip-flip- turn-flip-flip..

See pictures 13. and 14.

NOTE: you can secure the flower at any point with a stapler!

15. Secure your flower by tying the rest of the ribbon around the stem.

16. I have tied the green Florist's tape or a wire!!

And voila! You are ready to wear it over your blazer, hat, bag, necklace or even headband.. Guess what, I used it on my heels.. See the below picture.. I used 2 colors for it.. Just stitched them together :)


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