Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happiness is a Measure of Life + Contest Winner

Or is it the other way round?

Today, I will TALK THROUGH PICTURES.. Sure, A picture speaks a thousand words.. By the end of this post I'd have spoken 20k! :D

The Biggest Question in everybody's Lives? Are you happy? I will make you smile today.. Let's begin :)


Colors- All of them Will Make You Happy :)

What would you miss for this?

Now, lets talk about inner happiness.. Truly Satisfied to the Core! <3

See this picture a friend shared with me the other day :)

Are You Smiling Now? :) Or Have you started to think about the 10 points (above picture) ? Start Already! Waiting for the Grass to grow? It's your life.. LIVE IT YOUR WAY!

And Talking about My


So the Winner of My Blog Contest is...


Why is she the winner?
Creativity- Very Creative. No one would think of wearing a pretty maxi dress as a Mullet dress by using a Belt!!!!!
Novelty- This is a new idea. I haven't seen/heard it anywhere.
Uniqueness- Different from the rest of the entries

And here is what She gets!! A Forever 21 pendant necklace :)


Please mail me your contact address within 48 hours else I'll choose the 2nd best entry :)

INDIAN RESIDENTS- Participate in my another Contest- HERE to win Forever 21 set of FIVE RINGS

In the End, I'd like to make a very special note and THANK BHUMIKA from New Love-Makeup for sending me such an exciting voucher from Kiehl's.. Didn't you know? I won!!! :D Take a look :)

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See You Next Time :)

You know me ;)