Monday, April 23, 2012

My 50th Post!

A Big Hello and a warm welcome, everyone :)

This is a simple 50th post to remind myself that simplicity is the Best Policy besides Honest ;)
This has been (Not) a Long Journey for all of us at Fictitious Fashion, certain highs and certain lows. Some inspirational posts while others a quickie.. I Have Enjoyed writing each and every post for you and I hope you have enjoyed reading them too :)

So this is dedicated to BEING SIMPLE IN LIFE!

1. April 20th was my Friend's Birthday :)

We gave her a Yellow-off white Zovi Envelope clutch ,

A New U Metal Cuff, two nail paints and a free nail buffer :)

More Pictures, Coming soon :)

2. I did this Nail-Art recently.. I was getting bored so thought of doing tiny semi-circles on the edges of my nails :)

Fuchsia Nail enamel- Lakme, Pastel enamel- Borrowed from friend 
 3. Bought this cute Red polka dot Headband from New U. Cute Cute, right? :)

4. My 11 year old brother cooked Maggi for me :D You see the coriander leaf on the top? His idea :D He loves cooking :)

5. A cute and well noted picture from Tumblr.. Agree?

In the End, I'd Like to Thank All of You for being a Part of my Blog.. Really Love You guys :)

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Until Then
Keep things Simplified :)