Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY: Make a BoW!

Hey Party People!!!!
Are you having a Saturday Night out or sitting at home with your family?

Well, let me tell you, weather here is AWESOME! I'm not the kind of person who puts up statuses like "Rain <3" , "Awesome Mausam (weather) " etc etc .. Today.... I'm no different. :D. So I'll just say it here.. That such weather is a great time to catch up with some friends, read a book or just listen to music :)

Before you do that, let me show you a ..
* Colorful, Bright and Fun* DIY !!! ~ How to Make A BOW at Home!

You must have seen some amazing bow ideas on clothes, bags, accessories, shoes.. Guess what? I'll show you an easy-to-do creation :) Let's begin!

You  must have seen this Pink Bow in my Previous Post: HERE
The Black N White Polka Dot bag is from

Here is how you can make a cute bow in varied sizes :)

Step 1: Take a piece of old Cloth, Any measurement! For starters, I used
Length- 8.5" (Big cloth) and 5.0" (Small cloth)
Width- 4.5" (Big cloth) and 2.5" (Small cloth)

Step 2: Fold both the clothes along the width.

Step 3: PIN the openings so that it doesn't open up and SEW it!

Step 4: Turn the cloth in such a way that the stitched part comes on top middle! Press/Iron it.

Step 5: Fold the bigger cloth into half. PIN and SEW it!

Step 6a: Turn the bigger folded cloth to bring the stitches upfront (like you did before).
Step 6b: Wrap the smaller cloth around the bigger cloth. Tighten it and PIN & SEW it.

Step 7: Trim the excess part of small cloth. Voila! You are done! :)

Bow idea source: Krista from Lazy Saturdays

Did you like what you saw? Isn't it easy? :D

Now make THE BOW, YOURS!!! Wear it as much as you can and at as many places you want..

I will make some more bows and give you ideas on revamping your outfits and accessories too! :)

My College is about to end.. That means I'm about to Graduate! :D Sounds Huge!!!! Anyway, so my exams will be starting soon.. I apologize before hand if I'm not regular with posts.. But I'll make it up to you as my Farewell is coming!!!!!!!! Yippeee..
We have to wear a SAREE!! I already bought one! :D Quite excited to show you.. 

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See you next time!

Until then
Make each Minute Count! :)