Monday, May 7, 2012

New In – Nail Varnish

(620: How do you lilac it? , 840: Blue eyed girl £3.50 each i think)

Sorry I have been absent for so long been so busy with exams and everything. Went shopping with my mum to buy my step dad a present yesterday and picked up these beauties. I love love love anything lilac at the moment, its my new favourite colour, however I don’t think I can pull off lilac clothing but I fell in love with this nail varnish, isn’t it gorgeous?! I love this blue one too, I think I saw someone on youtube wearing it and I fell in love. I tried take a picture of them on the nails, but I feel like those pictures are so awkward haha I don’t know why but I feel my hand doesn’t ever look nice in photos.
Hope you guys are all well and if you have exams good luck!