Friday, May 25, 2012

Take A Chill-Pill

Life is unsure; always eat your dessert first- Anonymous

Aleksandra Rybinska

Hey Folks! :)
Time for the Happiness Dose :D If you have missed other two, Read here~ Happiness is a measure of Life and here~ Change is Inevitable

Today, I'll be talking about Three Spheres of Life that can inspire (I hope) you and change your perception as well! <3 .. Wear your thinking caps dearies :)

1. Love Love Love

Since I'm the biggest believer of Love; this had to be on the top!
Though I've spoken a Lot about Love.. (Read here), I will not bore you with what I think of Love :P Remember two things~
  Love is No Science, yet you need Chemistry! 
Love doesn't have any formula, yet you need to make each second count!

I can't teach you how to Love.. Not because I'm no saint.. No! Love is Universal. It is different to each, yet holds the same feeling. It means different to each yet symbolizes the same signs...
Love expresses, love resists. Love feels, love glows!

Just be All Happy and You.. And show love to each one whom you care about.. See the change it brings in you :)

2. Negativity

Yes, you read it right! Negativity is so important to us that we just don't want to leave it ever. We Hold it tightly till it suffocates us!!! 
Let me tell you- the only feeling that is bigger in my life is #1. (above) I don't want negativity to hover over my head! So people.. Take out your cell phone and Do as I say..

Have you taken out your cell phone yet? Cm'mon.. Don't be lazy. Go get it. I promise you it's worth the butt-lift! ;)

Now open your contact list AND Delete the FIVE contacts whom you haven't talked to in 1-2 years.. OR Delete THE FIVE contacts who give you a Pain in your A** ... AND Do that without hesitating when the phone asks you- 'Are you Sure?' Believe me- YOU ARE!

This is just the starting step.. Gradually you'll know what/who is causing problem and you'll kick them out of your life for good :) Life is too SHORT to THINK TWICE!

I did- It's your turn now!

3. YOU

This one's no rocket science! You is You. No one is like you. Don't laugh it's true :P lol okay..

See, if you stop doing whatever you are doing.. and look around you (outside) you'll notice something. You cannot Find A single Person LIKE YOU! There might be similarities cos cm'mon girls ;) - shopping, movies, gossip, fun etc etc.. but Not a single person who talks like you, walks like you, smiles like you, cares like you and most importantly~ Loves Like You! Is there?
If there is, then I'm ready to give a free Blog Gift to both of you :P

My Point. Stop being like someone.. Stop chasing someone who doesn't care about you.. Stop making excuses and compromising on your beliefs.. Stop lowering your self-esteem! 
Instead, Stand up for yourself, Say Bi**h 3 times to people who are jealous of you, smile and let everyone know that you're happy.. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy :)

Before going, tell me- How many of you are coming to the Biggest Blogger's Meet in India, tomorrow? It's in New Delhi, Saket, MGF Metropolitan mall. I am. I hope to see you guys there :)
Also, I want to tell you that I have started learning FRENCH.. :D Because My exams are over and I'm an Engineer now!!! Yipppeeeeee :)

Now, parting words :D
Recently, while reading a research paper on Euthanasia (in syllabus), I came across a line that opened my eyes!

|| The purpose of life is to be happy and to make others happy if possible, to grow old gracefully and to die with dignity ||

Never thought, a research paper would make me think about life! But it's true.. Right?

So I leave on this note and ask you to follow your heart, leave grudges behind and love yourself :)


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