Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baseball Fever

baseball fever
(Shorts: Levis, Jacket: Sisters from H&M, Top: Asos, Converse)

I hope you guys will be proud when I tell you this, I got these levis shorts (which were trousers) yesterday at my 9 year old sisters summer fair for 50p!!!! 50p! I nearly screamed when I saw them because its almost impossible for me to find levis shorts/trousers for less than £20. You find the best things in the most unlikely places!
I am counting the days until I leave college for summer, I cannot wait.  Also its a month till my birthday yayayay, it might sound strange but I am actually dreading being 17, I like being 16 and 17 seems like more responsibility and it also only gives me 2 more years of being a teenager ahhhhh, maybe I’m overreacting a bit, I’m sure 17 will be fab.

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