Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Similar Difference :D

Heyaaaaaa Everyone..
How are you all? Doing Goooood? I'm in a good mood after dayyysss .. No reason ;)

My Blog has given me so much and the best part is~ I didn't even ask for it :D
Only giving, no expectations, only love & happiness, inspirations, exposure and new friends...
BLOGS are better than BOYFRIENDS ;)

So on that note, let me happily take you to what I call is, 'Similar Difference'.

You might remember the similar combination of outfit I wore in my 2nd last post! You can see it here.
Now you see? But there is a big change to this attire :)

Firstly, I'm carrying my oasap.com bag! My Love
Next, I'm wearing my ALL NEW oasap.com Bellies!!!!!! I'm in Love with these babies. The texture is very new to me- snake-skin, the color-Almond and a cute black bow. <3
And I've recently purchased this amazing Kelly Green Blouse from ELLE- French Fashion-wear. It's amazing! :D

You should check out stuff from OASAP.COM.  They have awesome items at affordable prices! :) And Free Shipping!

PHOTO CREDIT: My Younger brother (12 years old!)
PLACE: Kids' park :P


Like it? So PIN IT :) Don't have a pinterest Account? As me for an invite. It's amazing!


Blouse: ELLE
Pants: Madame
Bellies/Flats: OASAP.COM
Flower Ring: Forever 21, Thumb Ring: Thrifted
Headband: Stolen
Nail Paint: Flomor, New U

Did you like the picture editing? :D And most importantly! My Cute Bellies? I adore them.. <3

Here is a wonderful discount from Romwe.com ONLY for my readers.
Coupon code: outlet20%
20% off $45 + for 'Outlet' directory of Romwe.com. Free Shipping!!! Only to be used once, per customer.
End date: 17th June, 2012

You can visit the site by clicking the SECOND Romwe button on the right column. :)

See you next time Angels :*