Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Viviana India: Nail Lacquers N Kajal Review!

Heyyyyy Everyone!

I've got so many surprises and good news for you. Life has been blessing me with happy happy things lately :D  *Touchwood* Superstitions much!

Firstly I want to thank All You Wonderful people for dropping by such lovely comments! Makes my day.. Seriously! :)

Now, back to the surprises...

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Next, I've collaborated with Viviana India to review their Fancy range of cosmetic products! <3

They have over Three Decades of experience in the industry and was founded with one aim~ To create great products and greater life stories & experiences- and to cherish each and everyone!

Their products range from Lipsticks, nail lacquers, pressed powder, eye make-up to SPF 30 matte finish, face wash, moisturizing lotion, magic ink liner and even sanitizers & Hydrating shaving gel! Woah!

They were kind enough to send me some of the samples- Nail lacquers (#4) and a Kajal :) Thank you Viviana India
I've done a cute nail art... I LOVE THE COLORS!!!!! Neons are so IN! and the Kajal is Fab! Take a look :)

I've applied two coats on all except the Fiesty Fairy

Left to Right: Fiesty Fairy (VNL018) or Hot Pink , Outrageous Sky (VNL003) or Blue, Eco Cool (VNL 001) or Green and Moody Concoction (VNL 021) or Brown

Which is your favorite color? Mine is Eco Cool :)

Original Price: 129/- for 8ml!

I highly recommend these for their quirky colors! They have around 30 shades!!!!!

Next up is Kajal

 Top to Bottom Glides- Upon First, second and third application.
For people like me, who HAVE to wear kajal, it's easy and comes of easily upon treatment with olive oil and is Water Resistant too!

Original price: 99/- for 2.6gms

What does it contain?
- Castor oil
- Vegetable carbon Black
- Camphor
- Natural waxes

I've Loved the usage so far. I would Recommend it to girls who are 'setting their hands' onto make-up. This one's easy to apply and light on pocket too! :)

So did you like this Post?

You are free to take a look at their other products as well

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FACEBOOK: OR Viviana Colors

My Next Post would be my recent haul~ MANGO MANGO & Claire's ;)

Stay Tuned!