Saturday, August 25, 2012

Car Boot Sale Outfit woop woop

spain2012 151 copyspain2012 153 copyspain2012 159 copy
(Everything from the car boot sale obviously!)

Just added all the items up that im wearing and this outfit came to £2.20 how fabby dabby is that?!
I got my as level results yesterday and was really pleased with them, I got 2 A’s, a C and a D, im just trying to ignore the D, but its okay because its still a pass and that’s all I was aiming for.
Tomorrow I am working a night shift with my dad and dreading it, I have to cook and clean etc etc for 19 hours, eugh kill me now, I start at 10 tomorrow morning and finish at 5 sunday morning. But I will probably be earning around £220 so all is good I suppose.