Monday, August 27, 2012

Graduation Day and Blog Award

Hello Sweethearts. How is everyone doing?
The past few days have been super-busy for me because of blogging and internship at an accessory design company. Did I tell about the latter? Ooopss.. Yes.. I'm an intern at a NYC based company. It has been amazing so far! :)

* I was writing this post and everything was complete when I started the 'Blog redefining look' and Wooosh.. the post didn't save, net gone and my post gone.. So I am writing whatever I remember :P *

So as promised, here is my Graduation day *Special Moments* post :) My parents couldn't make it as it was a weekday; nevertheless, I enjoyed with my friends and teachers :) Take a look..

My Favorite Picture

Me, Yashi, Tanya

My Project Mentor

I was randomly clicking pictures to fix my hair ;)

The Best Picture! :D

And Finally! :D
I wore a casual outfit with a subtle hint of formality! We didn't have any dress code so I played around with colors :D

The Entire batch went out for dinner at The Tandoori Village. The food was amazing ;)

I did this Nail art the night before the G-Day.. I wanted a crackle nail polish for so long.. Finally I made it on my own with the help of a newly bought Black Nail art Pen.. Do you like the results? :)


Shirt: Mango
Pants: Madame
Clutch:, buy HERE
Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrifted

So, did you like the pictures? I know I still look like a kid.. hehe. .. but heyy.. All's for good :)


1. My Blog has crossed 500!!!!! Woooot Woooot.. Thank you so much everyone :)

2. The Facebook Page has just crossed 700... You don't know how much happy I am..

3. I recently did a photoshoot for a Fabric designer.. Would show soon :D

4. I have been awarded the 'Notable Newbie' Award by the Team. Thank you so much Blog Adda :)

5. For all those who are new here, Thank you for stopping by :)
I've two GIVEAWAYS going on here...


I have many posts lined up for you.. Like I've written down what to post, when! Phewww..
Happy some? :)

Until Next time

Keep Smiling