Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Abstract Nail Art

Hey Everyone!

After such a long time I'm doing a nail-art! So excited to show you!! :D
Recently, I bought a nail art pen from a local store nearby. Its all I ever wanted (sounds like a man? ;) )

For the design- I wanted to create just random patterns and use colors that are closely related! Take a look :)

Like it? You can make your own pattern:
Just pick 3-4 colors out of which two should be completely different and the other two should be closely related to the first ones! Like I used Green and Blue as my main colors and Electric blue and glossy pastel green for the supplementary colors.

How to start?

1) For the first round, put tape in different angles. Paint the nails green.
2) After its dry, remove the tape
3) Similarly, put tapes in different angles and fill with different colors.
3) When all of the colors are COMPLETELY DRY, take the nail striper (black) and swipe off a line WITHOUT thinking MUCH! LOL :P Just go with it, TILT the finger in the opposite direction as you are in motion (if need be)
4) Finish with a top coat! :)

Take a look at more pictures :)

This is the Nail art Pen which I was talking about.. It costed 80 INR

It has a nail art striper by which I made the above lines

And a needle by which you can make dots and other designs :) Isn't it just amazing?

This is my right hand! I'm bad with left hand so I made a simple design using a similar nail art pen in Silver :)

Did you like the choice of colors and the pattern? I am proud of this design.. For me, its just the BEST :D :D ^_^ What do you think? I'd love to read your comments :)


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Until Next Time
Keep your chin up and smile like sunshine! :)