Monday, September 3, 2012

Clarks + Mom's Birthday

Hi Everyone! :) How you doing? ;)

This post was supposed to be published in mid august but I just didn't have the time to do so! Today seems to be the perfect opportunity :) I'm in a colorful mood... So two of my favorite colors- Pink and Blue pave way into the first post of September!!!! Hope september treats me as good as August did :D

It was my mom's birthday on August 20; just one week after my Birthday.. We went to Rang De Basanti Dhaba, South ex! The food was yummyy, quirky ambiance with a tractor placed at a corner .haha!

I snatched the perfect moment into buying my First Clarks footwear! Such cute and pretty babies I got.. See :D


T shirt: Ellen Tracy
Pants: Zara
Shoes/Flats: Clarks
Bag:, Buy HERE
Headband: New U

My 12 year old brother clicks my pictures.. These are his shoes - All Star

Flowers I gifted to Mom, Ferns N Petals

My Cute Mom :D standing by that strange n funny tractor :P

My friend gifted me these Orange Moccasins on my Birthday from Nineteen.. CUTE OR BOLD? huhn? ;)

Got this free kit with it :D

So? Liked my outfit? Do let me know! :)

A gentle reminder.. My Giveaways are still going on..


Until Next time