Saturday, September 8, 2012

New In- Topshop Adonis2 Boots

I fell in love when I saw the first versions of these boots back in june, I had to have them. Unfortunately I had no money at the time and when I finally got some cash for these booties (£90 not cheap!) they had completely sold out. They were the perfect autumn boot. Luckily for me these boots came back in stock in august but a slightly adjusted version and £20 cheaper, result!
I originally wanted these boots in black as believe it or not I have no black flat shoes but unfortunately the black had sold out in my size but I absolutely love this oxblood colour and it ads a perfect twist to the usual brown/black boot.
Overall these boots are great, comfy and really stylish. However after wearing them for just 2 days they already have quite a few scratches and marks on the heel and look like they have been worn a lot longer than 2 days. This is really upsetting but on the plus side I suppose the scratches and the evidence of worn kinda gives them more character.

p.s next post will be a 500 follower giveaway so stay tuned!