Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starting College Outfit Ideas

For those of you that don’t know, I am going into my second year of college now and looking back on the first few days of college I remembered wanting to make an impression but not look as if I tried too hard. I remember my friends and I discussing outfit ideas the night before (sad I know, but all girls do it right?) and I remember it being really tricky knowing what to wear. My advice is to keep it simple but add a slight edge or something interesting to your outfit. Here are a few outfit ideas that I hope will inspire you.

An essential for me is black jeans, you can pair them with almost everything and they make you look skinnier! The american apparel easy jean are amazing, high waisted and really flattering, if your looking for a cheaper alternative the cheap monday second skin jeans are equally as nice and a fraction of the price!

As I said earlier, a simple outfit with a bold necklace like this gorgeous topshop one can really make an outfit. I am lusting after this gorgeous bag, but £120 is sorta out of the budget for a college bag! But this is another casual outfit I would definitely wear to college.

This outfit I would wear on a friday as it slightly more dressy than the other outfits. I think friday is a good day to dress up a little bit more than all the other days as its the weekend and you can easy transform this outfit from day to night by adding heels. Voila!

                                   Hope this helps a few of you that need a bit of inspiration xxx