Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romwe Calling: The Best of it

Hey guys.. How you doing? ;) I'm catching the Joey fever lately (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) :D

I believe most of you have heard about Its one of my favorite international shopping websites. I've lots to talk about it so I'd cut out short!

Romwe offers women's clothes and accessories with latest in fashion at affordable prices. What makes Romwe different from other websites?

  • They were the first to bring galaxy print clothes, cut-out back shift dresses and many more exquisite items.
  • Free shipping worldwide, no minimum purchase.
  • Have a 60 day return policy.
  • Have a wide range of clothes and accessories, including dresses, coats, blouses, skirts, jewelry, tights, shoes belts.. and believe me, everything is amazing!
  • Very prompt customer service.
  • For the giveaway addicts :D ; they hold frequent contests and giveaways. Not only that, their giveaways run for a long period of time and it has many winners in a DAY! (Inside talk: I have won 3 giveaways :D)
  • They have an awesome AFFILIATE PROGRAM - would talk about it below.

I have been a part of Romwe Affiliate program for quite some time now..I'll tell about the features, then how it has benefited me!

Features of Romwe Affiliate program:

  • You earn 7% commission on sales- meaning, whatever a person buys through the link provided in your website, 7% of that amount would go into your account.
  • They have already coded the banners, texts, coupon codes for you.. 
  • ANYONE can join, free of cost!
  • You can track your sales, alter the banners and links etc
  • Take feedback from their affiliates and actually implement on them.
  • Have collaborated with Share-a-sale
I don't have a pay pal account (which you need to be a member) so I have asked them to convert my earning into a gift certificate so that I can purchase anything. I have purchased one item free of cost :)
Also recently, they were gracious enough to give store credits to me as my earning wasn't good for the past few months. I purchased a few items. You can take a look below! :D

Buy these round framed glasses HERE

Buy this cute belt HERE
You can choose the color from, black, camel, dark coffee, leopard print, orange, red, pink and yellow! Wow.. So many options! :)

Do you like what I picked? :D

What you need to do to become an Affiliate:
1) Have a blog.
2) Put banner from Here
3) Contact them. (or you can contact them and then put the banner)

Want to Become an AFFILIATE? GO HERE

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