Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Udobuy: Something Chic

Hey Folks

I'm back from my shimla vacation with family. It was a blast!!!! So happy to blog again :) Pictures coming soon..

Today, let's talk about a fashion website called Udobuy.com. Udobuy is a china based fashion website which has been running since 2008. It has a great fan base due to trendy & popular items on their website. It offers latest grabs in Coats, jackets, blouses, skirts, shorts, accessories and shoes at affordable prices.

What I like about Udobuy:

  • Free Shipping around the globe and cheap shipping for special shipment.
  • Offers different items starting from just $19!!!
  • Have one clothing in different colors. So we have variety of colors to choose from! (see pictures below)
  • Have a separate category for new trends for Each Day!
  • SALE is going on, where you can get items even for $9!!! GO HERE
Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from Udobuy.com

Left to Right: 
Polka dot blouse, BUY HERE. Available in Pink, beige and green
Bat Sleeve Tshirt, BUY HERE. Available in 9 colors
Hemline high-low blouse, BUY HERE. Available in 14 colors

Left to Right:
High waist shorts, BUY HERE, Available in 4 colors
Bohemian skirt, BUY HERE, Available in 4 colors
Slim Pencil pants, BUY HERE, Available in 5 colors

Left to Right:
Slim V-neck dress, BUY HERE, Available in 8 colors
Retro Floral dress, BUY HERE, Available in 3 shades
Bohemian Chiffon dress, BUY HERE, Aqua blue shade

Left: Suede Ankle boots, BUY HERE, Available in grey, khaki and black
Right: Stiletto Heel pumps, BUY HERE, Available in yellow, nude and black

Left to Right:
Vintage Shoulder bag, BUY HERE, Available in 8 colors
Retro scarf, BUY HERE, Available in 3 shades
Pyramid bracelet, BUY HERE, Silver and Gold

So, what do you think? I've toooo many favorites, don't I? :D
Now Get it, buy it. You do Buy!

Tell me your favorite pieces and anything in particular you like about Udobuy.

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