Saturday, October 20, 2012


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(Shirt: American Apparel, Shirt: eBay, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Topshop, Jacket: Charity Shop)

I have wanted a black maxi skirt for quite a while now and I saw this one from ebay for a fiver and I thought hey why not. I bought it about a month ago and had no idea how to wear it, and tried it on again and again and just didn't like it but yesterday most of my jeans and skirts were in the wash so I thought I would bring it out the closet again and see if I could style it up, and now I love it. Its sooo comfy and so fun to wear. I got a few looks wearing it to college yesterday but hey I like it.
Guys you seriously need to check out this blog I came across Taylors blog about a month ago and I am in love, her style is absolutely insannnnee, go follow her!! She deserves about a million followers.
I’m off to my friends fancy dress 18th birthday party, im going as poison ivy wooo
have a lovely weekend guys xx